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South Africa, a land that many have called the most beautiful place on earth, is a place where one can feel the rhythmic pulse of Africa intertwined with the western influences of the past, a place where the soul of a country comes from the hearts and minds of its people, where hope and joy has been spawned by the pursuit of freedom and equality, where the rolling hills, towering mountains and fertile valleys give way to vibrant and dynamic cities, and where the wildest of experiences can be enjoyed by the most sophisticated of palates. Yes indeed, South Africa truly is a multi-faceted and deeply interesting place to visit.

It is this rich diversity of experiences that transcends all boundaries and flows evenly from its people to its landscapes that makes South Africa so unique. From when you enter South Africa to when you leave you will experience this diversity in many forms, for instance South Africa is a melting pot of different cultures, creeds and backgrounds from around the world and throughout the continent that blend together to form what is affectionately known as the Rainbow Nation, each one being as uniquely African as the next. You can journey through the wild wonders of the African bush where the prolific wildlife roams free and the natural beauty stuns and astounds, you can do this on foot, by car, through the air in a hot air balloon or on the back of the mighty African Elephant. You can travel over mountains and around coastlines where the scenic landscape could not have been painted better by the most gifted of artists and end up in cosmopolitan cities which form the backbone of the African renaissance. You can experience our rich and interesting history, and learn how a dark and tumultuous past has given rise to one of the newest and most progressive democracies, where a constitution is not only a bill of rights but a way of life. All of this is brought together by world class infrastructure and easily accessible tourism routes which not only provide access to South Africa, but to our neighbours Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique - each country offering its own unique experiences and charm.

So why South Africa? The question you should be asking yourself is why NOT Southern Africa?
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After careful consideration, and a keen interest for an in-person meeting in South Africa, it is with regret that we are forced to postpone this meeting yet again. Current COVID-19 regulations in South Africa regarding mass gatherings prohibit the hosting of an in-person meeting at this time.

  • New dates for IPNC South Africa are 9-14 October 2022.
  • Abstracts may remain in the system or be withdrawn.
  • Please communicate with Scatterlings regarding hotel booking refunds or rollover of bookings to 2022, or if you have any other queries.
  • The Boston IPNC meeting will proceed as planned (from 23-30 September 2023 at the Boston Park Plaza, Massachusetts, USA).
  • We will work together with Boston to plan a complementary scientific program for both meetings.
  • We apologise for any inconvenience – please bear with us as we navigate through these uncertain times.